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I’m glad you are here.  If you look around, you’ll find out a little more about me as an actor, teacher, coach, intimacy choreographer and person of the world.

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I officially became an actor when I performed a gig at my own fourth birthday party. I did George Burns and Mae West impressions. My grandparents got a big kick out of it, but the rest of the guests were left scratching their heads.

Everyone’s a critic.



I love acting.  I love actors.  I love teaching actors.  I am passionate about quality actor training.  That is the inceptive element of my teaching philosophy.

In addition to that, my philosophy of actor training strives to positively answer two fundamental questions:


The methods I employ as an actor and teacher of acting are rooted in Stanislavsky and are the direct result of the invaluable training I received from William Esper in the Meisner Technique.  This technique roots the emerging artist in truthful human behavior.  It also encourages the actor to discover and cultivate what is unique to them.  My students carve out a strong point of view and sense of identity.  Whether I am teaching Meisner exclusively or teaching acting in a broader way, my approach is always rooted in truth; the foundation most conducive to building compelling, bold and audacious performances.  However, actors must not allow themselves to be inhibited by their preconceived notions of truth.  I create an environment in which my students feel safe to be brave and expand their ideas about truthful behavior.  I challenge my students to understand that aspiring to greatness in acting by being “correct” is a fool’s errand. The emerging artist must be given space to be daring.

My work as Certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a perfect compliment to any approach that emphasizes truth and individuality and upholds every aspect of my teaching philosophy.  Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a holistic approach to breath and voice work that can benefit the actor, lawyer, teacher, doctor, or anyone who desires to use their voice in a more impactful way.


“Your acting will not be good until it is only yours. That’s true of music, acting, anything creative. You work until finally nobody is acting like you.”
Sanford Meisner



Whether I am being utilized as an acting coach or a voice and text coach, I understand that quick results are often required.  Listening to you and understanding your needs and expectations is paramount to providing you with the appropriate feedback.  I balance my keen eye with enthusiasm and a sense of ease.  Oftentimes coaching becomes unnecessarily complicated and it can be overwhelming.  I offer clear technique and concrete tools that are effective, easy to understand and execute.  I like to keep it simple.

I am available to you on-set, in-person or remotely.  Sliding fee scale available.

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Andrea's Testimonial


Intimacy Choreographer

I have trained with both Intimacy Directors International and Theatrical Intimacy Educators and have worked as an Intimacy Choreographer both at the university level and professionally.  My experiences as an actor only deepen my sincere enthusiasm for the process and empathy for artists tasked with what can be challenging elements of production.  As an Intimacy Choreographer, I advocate for the artist by helping to facilitate conversations, discuss consent, cultivate compassion, encourage boundaries and of course, choreograph intimate scenes.

In addition, I am Certified in Mental Health First-Aid and have studied trauma informed care in an effort to be of the greatest service to the actors and productions I serve.

“Working with Heidi was the first time I had done intimacy work. Heidi made sure we understood the purpose and importance of intimacy rehearsals and answered all of our questions thoroughly.  Heidi made me very comfortable and I cannot wait to work with her again.” 
            –Madison Dietrich